If you are interested in experiencing some of the adventure and culture that Iqaluit has to offer, the following activities have been organized for Monday, March 9th and Friday, March 13th.

  • City Tour
  • Inuit Art Experience
  • Kivalliq/Keewatin Air Scenic Flight Tours

If you are interested in taking part in any of the activities please contact the conference registration at: or 867-979-6551.


Iqaluit ᐃᕐᑲᓗᐃᑦ – “fishes” - is the capital of Nunavut and regional center of government for the Qikiqtaaluk. Iqaluit formally known as Frobisher Bay was originally a military airbase during WWII; now with a population of over 6,200 is the largest community in the territory.


Local Transportation

Iqaluit taxis are a flat rate of $6.00 per person per trip. The taxi may also carry other passengers.


Driving Force (867) 979-2088


Caribou Taxi (867) 979-4444
Pai-Pa Taxi (867) 979-5222


The Arctic is ever changing, so be prepared for any eventuality. For daily weather forecasts,, or listen to CBC North Iqaluit’s radio station 1230AM.


While Iqaluit does have cellular service, only those using a “mobility” cellular service will work. The Rogers service area does NOT extend to Iqaluit. Both 3G and 4G are not available as the Cellular service in Nunavut is on a CDMA network only. Please consult your wireless provider for more information. Prepaid air time cards for cell phones are available at Arctic Ventures. Prepaid calling cards are generally accepted.

Internet in Nunavut offers speeds varying from .5 megabits per second to 2 megabits per second. Most hotels offer wireless, and Skype users should not have a problem with simple audio calls, although video calls sometimes suffer depending on the quality of the connection.

Arts & Crafts


Nunavut artists are recognized internationally for their stone carvings, prints and unique crafts. The origins of Inuit art date back thousands of years to ancient tools, spirit icons, toys and other material culture. Since the 1960’s art has been the most consistently successful Nunavut export. There are several locations in Iqaluit to purchase arts and crafts from all over Nunavut.

Arctic Ventures

Building 192 | Tel: (867) 979-4252
Monday- Saturday: 10am-10pm | Sunday 1-10pm

Carvings Nunavut Inc.

Tumiit Plaza | Tel: (867) 979-0650
Monday- Saturday: 10am-6pm

Gallery by the Red Boat

Apex Beach, Hudson Bay Company buildings | Tel: (867) 979-2055 x112
Call for appointment

Iqaluit Fine Arts Gallery / Arts Induvik

Coman Building 1127, opposite the airport | Tel: (867) 979-5578 / 979-5748
Monday – Saturday: 11am – 4pm. Leave message for appointments

Nunatta Sunakkutaangit Museum and Gift Shop

Building 212 | Tel: (867) 979-5537
Tuesday – Sunday: 1pm-5pm

Northern Collectibles

Building 1324 | Tel: (867) 979-6495
Monday-Friday: 1-4pm | Saturday: 10am-12pm & 1-4pm

Rannva Designs

3102 Angel Street, Apex | Tel: (867) 979-3183
Monday – Sunday: 4-6pm or call for appointment

Direct from the Artist

We encourage visitors to visit our excellent local galleries. While in Iqaluit you may also have the opportunity to meet artists and talk to them about what inspires them and how they create the wonderful works of art from Nunavut.

Export Permits

Export permits are required for the removal of any animal part from Nunavut, including frozen wild meats purchased from a store. For more information, contact the Nunavut Department of Environment at (867) 975-7900. Ask for the pamphlet entitled “Are You Exporting Wildlife from Nunavut?” which explains the correct procedures for exporting land animals, birds, marine mammals and fish from Nunavut. Be aware of all import regulations of your home country before buying any animal products in Nunavut. Some countries, including USA and much of Europe, have several restrictions on marine mammal products like sealskin and ivory, including arts and crafts made from these materials.

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Photo Credit: Valberg Imaging